About our Dr Security

With all the numerous working parts that go into today’s modern electrical system, it is perplexing how electricians are not considered doctorate-level knowledge holders in the kind of info that keeps all of our home’s functions in check.  From the laundry washer and dryer, to the water heater, to lighting, electronics, and even water pressure– the average American can not go on too long without the use of electricity.

The hardest part about looking for electrician services, is that as a homeowner or business owner, you have to really be sure that the person coming will always act professionally.  Too often, novices without years of apprenticeship will volunteer for their neighbor’s projects, and then they gotta call us in because something went wrong.  We agree that safety is important, so we always background check during hiring and provide continuous educational opportunities (such as collective conferences )that show our community that we are 100% dedicated to being the best in our field.