Electrical Repair & Water Heaters

Surprisingly, water heaters and electrical repair go hand in hand more than most people would believe.  When you ask the average person on the street to draw a water heater, chances are, the picture you end up with is going to look more akin to a traditional boiler.  Today, many large or older buildings may use boiler technology as a way to heat, but technology in the digital age has lent even better units that are also more eco-friendly, like tankless water heaters.  Although a sales person may tell you that a certain model or make is good, they will not have the hands-on experience in the field of electrical and plumbing combined, that our team members have.

At Dr Security Electrical Repair & Commercial Plumbers, we have over twenty five years of experience in our fields, getting our hands dirty with even more involved jobs like re-piping and backflow testing. And we continue to learn more so that we can stay ahead of the competition.  Our technicians not only can take care of any electrical repair or installation, our local plumbers also have the know how to repair every make and model of water heater on the market.  Especially in our modern global economy, there is more variety for our utilities and home improvement products than there ever was before, so it really helps to have experts who are always keen on the latest updates in electrical and plumbing technology.