Home of Dr Security

Dr Security Electrical Repair & Commercial Plumbers got its start back in 1988.  We started small, but worked hard to quickly establish ourselves as leaders in the field of electrical installations, repairs, and commercial plumbing.  Our small, but powerful and specialized team of electricians and local plumbers have the toolbox of skills necessary to handle all the various jobs out there, like those small domestic rewiring projects to more complex and sophisticated systems that need installations in your home or business.

Our customers come from everywhere in the community:  developers and contractors, small businesses, local industries, and residential homes or apartments.  We don’t just supply and install your systems, we can help you come up with a comprehensive plan of work if you have an idea but are not sure how to get started on making it a reality.  To continue a successful business relationship, we also have a 24-hour power emergency response service and a regularly scheduled maintenance program.  No matter your requirements, we guarantee professional and accommodating services.

If you are in need of plumbing services as well, then Dr Security is the place to call for reliable and quick to answer assistance, even on small jobs like clogged toilet repair.  We can help you set up a great bathroom space, with energy efficient water heaters and expert installation services.  Or if you are moving into a previously owned home, we recommend a re-pipe job done by our team of experienced local plumbers.  Especially with historical buildings, there can be issues with the age of your pipes and fixtures and their reactions with our modern climate and chemicals in our products.  The sewer lines are also an area of concern, and you should consider backflow testing to see if there are any clogged lines or drains that could cause issues.

Homeowners with children especially are rightfully concerned about the reliability and safety level of inviting a stranger into their home.  And it is completely understandable because some folks out there are just not responsible enough to be a professional electrician or plumber.  But at Dr Security Electrical Repair & Commercial Plumbers, we keep our team small in quantity but one hundred percent quality guaranteed.  The owner and founder of the team still, even today, will take jobs out in the field and meet with you personally if you request to do so.  And when you give our office a call with any questions, our team of staff will always be helpful and friendly.

Dr Security Electrical Repair & Commercial Plumbers is dedicated to being the best at what we do, so we continue our training and education even after the hiring process may end.  Our team leader always takes an active role in teaching new skills and making sure our group members also have the soft skills necessary to accommodate your needs when performing more independently minded jobs that will require flexibility for customer satisfaction.  Call today for a free estimate upon request.  We keep our prices affordable and our quality of service is always growing.