Re-pipe & Backflow Testing

Just because a building or home might be new for you, that does not mean that it has not been used before.  Most average people like you or I would likely purchase a used home or building because of cost constraints, and that means adjustments will have to be made so that it can be the best fit for you.  Just like with clothing which no matter how nice it may be, will still usually require custom tailoring for that perfect fit– and our houses are the exact same way.  We have seen too many folks blow their hard earned money on completely new homes that builders cut costs on with design flaws, but a pre-existing place and the right home improvement experts can help you save money and still meet your high standards of comfort.

Dr Security Electrical & Commercial Plumber aims to offer great sustainable solutions for your future.  Rather than spending resources and cutting down forests to make way for developed cookie-cutter homes, you can help save the environment by purchasing used.  Regardless of what shape it is in before you call us, we can handle any issues that you have with your plumbing or electrical systems.  Especially if you do not see any pvc piping, your pipes are older and probably due for a repiping.  With older and urban homes, not only would our re-piping services with cured in place pipe give you cleaner water right off the bat, it also can help to better organize your previous system or get rid of lead pipes that can be found in historical buildings.  We also provide sewer services like backflow testing.  Chances are you need at least your backflow valve replaced, and it is necessary to ensure your clean water stays that way.